you're starcrafted.
how you ask?
because when a stargirl cries,
she sheds not tears...
but stardust & light.
peachy love is melting!

name.   aria
age.   20
birthday.   sept 21.
occupation.   sleeping.
orientation.   lol.
location.   florida.
hi im aria, i draw and make graphics for literally no reason. im also a shitty student but i guess i'm trying my best! im majoring in literature for lack of motivation and i have so much poetry stashed that its kinda working out! i think? but w/e to make matters worse i ramble a lot and type in caps like a idiot and slam my face into my keyboard 90% of the time so im sorry if i get super overwhelming. but hey if you wanna make a friendship pact with me go ahead.
iced tea & summer heat!

a shit ton im pretty diverse but i dont really want to list them... too many
yeah,,, i do that meme sometimes
video games.
i like jrpgs, ffxiv, a few fighting games, mh games, and league.
anastasia (im@s) , elphelt (ggxrd) , jade harley (homestuck) , chitanda (hyouka).
literally anything, im not picky and if it has a good flow i'll bop to it. but i tend to like alternative, a bit of metal, k-hiphop, a few indie bands, and tbh give me a hot ass bassline and ill love that song/band. i s2g im easy as fuck with music.
how pathetically poetic. - aria.